If you say that really fast, it is a joke.  Yes I took that from the Fairie Tale Theatre’s “The Princess Who Had Never Laughed”.  No, I don’t regret that horrible joke.  Yes, I recommend the movie.

Yesterday, the hilariously punny Robert posted a meme about blanket forts on my wall and it got me thinking about my last fort night.  I may be a late-20s adult woman but I do love a good pillow fort.  The last fort night, well it was really a day, was a movie marathon of Star Trek.  A side by side comparison of the new movies next to their original counterparts, for scientific purposes.  I made it through three of the four before it was bed time.  For the record, they are all good for different reasons.

Technical Details:  My forts start with a queen sized air mattress, then you add a smattering of blankets and oodles of pillows, and use high back chairs for optimum stability.  I leave the confines of my fort only when the fur kids need something or I want a refill on snacks.  Some days it is popcorn and champagne, other days it is curry soup and capri suns with Katie!

Fort Night

Oh and that pesky little leash to drama filled lives called a cell phone, that bugger stays in the other room.

The point of this trip down memory lane?  I need another fort nigh and soon.  So in case you are looking for me this Friday night, all yous wise guys can find me in pillow fort coloring and watching Fairie Tale Theatre till I fall asleep.  ‘Cause I am a grown ass woman and I do what I want.

Love and snuggly blankets,




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