I read a book years ago which had this older lady in it.  She was a minor character and to be honest I don’t even remember what book she was in.  I don’t even completely remember her, just one small thing she did.  One thing she did that made me realize I had been cheating myself.  That I had been waiting for a reason or occasion to do things I have always enjoyed.

What did she do?  She set the table for herself every night because if she gave up on herself, she couldn’t count on anyone else. Not just ate at the table but set it, table cloth and linen napkins and all.

So here I am not giving up on me.  I go to the gym and not just for fitness but so I can swim.  I won’t wait around for a beach trip.  I keep on learning and teaching myself French and history.  I won’t only confine learning what I love to the classroom.  And yes, a few time a week I set the table for me, myself, and I.  I have all these nice table cloths and pretty dishes I enjoy looking at so I won’t wait for company to come over.

What is your table setting?  Your way of not giving up on you?




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