Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore whether you’re on the Paleo diet, dolce diet, mama’s home cooking diet, midiclorian diet or any other thing you can think of. The key to a happy kitchen is to adopt a Julia Child frame of mind. That means, accidents happen and dishes fail. So what? That is why apples and peanut butter go so well together. And let me tell you, they go amazingly well together.

I am not a perfect cook, nor am I a genius. What I am is inquisitive. I am never afraid to try something new, be it a simple recipe or a whole new technique. Have I had some spectacular failures? Oh man have I ever. Like my first attempt at lentil stew. I threw it out and ordered pizza.

However, some of my most ingenious and delicious moments have come from accidents. Like the time I forgot to double the flour in chocolate chip cookies and ended up with these lacy, crumbly bits of almost caramelized goodness. They were the best ice cream topping. In a moment of crazy, random, happenstance my mom’s annual ice cream social was two days later.

So roll with the punches. Just make some of those punches into just risen bread dough. Then you can watch the bread bake and say in your most evil voice “Rise my little ones, rise!”. Or maybe that is just something I would do.

Love and cookies,



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