1. “Expected” and “Anticipated” are not interchangeable.
  2. Black pens are infinitely preferred to blue, but blue pens always seem to appear at my desk when I am not looking. Get it right gremlins!
  3. My dog can make a mess of her food in 3 minutes flat yet it takes me 5 minutes to clean it up.
  4. Cool mornings make getting out of bed really hard. I swear my bed gets more comfortable as it gets colder.
  5. Fruit flies are the bane of my existence. I swear they are impossible to get rid of!
  6. I hate waiting for the pickled carrots to be ready; they are just so darn good I want them now (thanks for bringing them Amy!).
  7. The last few days before vacation are always the hardest to focus yet they have the most for you to do!
  8. Too many things that are not really my problem end up my problem because my perfectionist tendencies won’t allow for failure to occur from my inactivity. It’s like lying by omission, but not really.
  9. My desk needs a frosting dispenser. Cause sometimes, you just need a little pick me up.  Frosting beats candy any day of the week.
  10. “I” before “E” rules are why I have trust issues.


  1. When it sprinkles but is sunny.
  2. Re-watching old(er) movies, I only own DVD version of things I will watch over and over again.  My shelf is over full at the moment!
  3. That moment when you turn your car on, the radio blares, and it’s a song you adore. Oh yes radio, I will sing along with you!
  4. Coffee in the morning. Yes, I am an addict.  No, I don’t need therapy.
  5. Skirts, yoga pants, skirts, leggings, and did I mention skirts?
  6. Piles of pillow and bundles of blankets. Cocoon me up Scotty!
  7. Nerdy random references (see what I did there, cool ain’t it?).
  8. Excuses to be crafty, either like a fox or like a housewife, that are just randomly thrown my way. This is one time I thank the universe for its sense of humor!
  9. Waking up with random songs in my head, but not the right words. I may be biased but my brain is pretty funny.  That and Mae and Heidi showed me the “Do you want to help me hide a body” parody of “Do you want to build a snowman”.
  10. The mute button.

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