Sunday funday has a whole new meaning when you get to spend it driving through the mountains. Holy guacamole was that fun! Amazing views, fun side trails at scenic stops to explore, and Buffalo Bill!

My sense of direction is holding strong, aka I got lost for 20 minutes trying to find the buffalo overlook. Totally worth it though for the winding scenic byway roads.

Dinner was at a biker bar. Across from a Whole Foods. Only in Denver. If you are ever in Denver, go to Lincoln’s Roadhouse. Amazing food (Cajun poppers are a MUST), seriously personable staff, and crazy atmosphere. PS it is still kid friendly.

Monday, what a spa day. I checked in at 10am and left at 4. Pretty sure I am still in my zen state and I don’t see it going away soon. Don’t be jealous, just copy me! After all Mom always said imitation is the sincerest for of flattery.

Dinner, happy hour at Lola! Have I mentioned how much I am loving food in this town? Cause it’s like a lot. Denver by food, how Betty does vacation.IMG_3308-0.JPG(Top left: View from the top of the Breck gondola ride. Top right: scenic stop on the drive down. Bottom left: Lincoln’s Roadhouse. Bottom right: what 5 hours in the spa looks like)

After chatting with two lovely ladies at the hotel happy hour, I found out the hotel has bikes we can borrow! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to bike in Denver? So many bike lanes and paths, so many things to see. So monday morning was spent outside in the warm sun, One hour and 8.5 miles later, I think I am done biking…for now!

IMG_3309-0.JPG(Top left: dinner at Lola. Remainder – bike ride morning)

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