End of vacation, attempt two. Somehow the first attempt got deleted, I won’t even attempt to recreate rather just try something different.

My last few days in Denver were spent outdoors. First at the Botanic Gardens, far and away worth the visit! The glass sculptures enhanced the views, even if I though some were a little…bizarre!

IMG_3350.JPGThat evening was spent at a rooftop bar with two amazing women I met at the hotel happy hour. It always amazes me how easily you can spend an entire evening talking with people you just met.

My very last day was made so much better than planned thanks to Sasha and Geo. A quick lunch with friends turned into a surprise afternoon motorcycle ride up to Red Rock and back. I am now firmly convinced the best way to see Colorado is on a bike. Totally worth the sunburn.

So while I am glad to have my fur kids back, I am sad to have left. But rest assured I will be back! There are so many things left to see, and that I want to see again!

IMG_3370.JPG(Photo credit: left – George and his friend Cow. Top right – sunset rainbow. Bottom right – Geo and I at the entrance to Red Rock Amphitheater)

Love and aloe vera,

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