Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be crazy? When you finish this book, you won’t wonder anymore!

While we trace Bernadette’s potential path to lunacy, the jumping around from voice to voice makes you feel like you are loosing your friggin’ mind. Till you get the hang of it, then it’s a pretty neat trick to keep you turning pages since you want to know what happens next!

PS I did NOT see that ending coming but man oh man I liked it!

Plot line – Bernadette disappears leaving behind her teenage daughter Bee and her husband to pick up the pieces. We read letters, faxes, and emails to and from people surrounding Bernadette creating a piecemeal picture of her life. Mostly these are from around the time leading up to her disappearance but also giving glimpses into the past. Now I will stop there, spoilers sweetie!

I read this as part of book club. It’s a great book for that! It’s a speedy read, lots to talk about, and easy to find! No, I am not paid to say that. However, I didn’t like the questions included, they didn’t do the book justice in my eyes. My favorite part of our discussion was the tangent we went on about Soo-Lin. If you end up reading this book or already have, please let me know what your thoughts are! I would love to start that discussion back up!

In summary this book is well written, great plot line, and intriguing structure. Betty gives this two thumbs up, or maybe more me-style, two spoons up!

Love and comfy reading chairs,


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