A few months ago a neighbor was moving out and left a stack of DVDs in the common area for anyone to take. In said stack was World War Z, which I had been meaning to see it just wasn’t a high priority. So I grabbed it (along with Superman!) and forgot about it. Seriously, I had it for over two months before I finally watched it.

Now you might be saying, “hold on, isn’t this a BOOK review?”. Patience Iago, I am getting there. I loved the movie. So much do I decided to read the book. So off I frolicked to my local library as this book required a paper copy, digital just wouldn’t do. I dived right in, read about 20 pages. And you guessed it, forgot about it. Till I got the renewal notice that is. Now I didn’t forget about it because it was bad, rather because I went on vacation. When I got back, I finished the book in a week.

Readers caveat: Calling it a story is a bit misleading, it is really a massive compilation of short stories. Each story occurs consecutively to the ones surrounding it or slightly after those preceding it. Through the patch work of stories, the big picture becomes visible. It’s a gory picture, but a good one.

The typical elements are present: zombies, death, destruction, and apocalyptic conditions. The writing style is not typical for horror/thriller. I found it to be very much like listening to oral histories, no easy task to create
the speech patterns for dozens of characters! Each character was very unique, some better developed than others, but recognizable as individuals.

This stylistic feat of writing was really what kept me reading. I wanted to meet the next person, see how they linked to the ones before, get the whole big picture. In the end, I was left wanting more. They say sign of a well written book is that it is always too short. So if the shoe fits Zombiella, you wear it!

For the record, it is nothing like the movie except they are both well worth your time. Oh and zombies, they both have zombies.

Overall, I give this two spoons up! So grab a cup of tea or glass of wine and remember, your commute might stink but at least it isn’t crawling with the living dead!

Love and scares,


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