I love Fall.  Pretty much everything about Fall is my favorite.  The changing leaves, the colors, the crisp cool air, the flavors, sweaters, fuzzy socks, and let’s not forget no AC (though my hatred of AC is a whole different post).  If you doubt me, just look at my living room.  My couch is eggplant, my curtains sage green, I have an orange/cranberry/cream blanket, and I am reupholstering the rocking chair in burnt orange.

Fall means pies.  It means pot roast and stew.  It means curling up with hot tea and a book.  It means crunching leaves underfoot and that glorious crisp cold smell mixed with wet earth.  It means long walks and chilled cheeks.  There are pumpkins to decorate, apples to pick, scary movies to watch, and leaf piles to jump in.  Every Fall I get the urge to bake, redecorate, organize, and work out.  Fall means I am productive.  It means my house either looks like a train wreck or is company ready.  It means friends better want cookies cause I am going to have too many.

I, Betty, am a pumpkin spice latte lover.  They make my day and I always look forward to the first one of the season.  I had one today, though for some reason I am “Becky” at Starbucks and not “Betty”.  Since they got my latte right, I really don’t care they didn’t get my name right!  PS I don’t care if Starbucks has chosen to start that season in August, I will NOT have the first one till it we start seeing a high of 50 degrees.

So this weekend, I will finally get around to a few painting projects.  I will make yummy roasted something for dinner.  I will get out and enjoy the best weather ever.  I will take the puppy to the park and let her play till she is exhausted, cause like her mama, my little fur daughter gets extra excited for this season.  I won’t hear you nay-sayers whine how Fall means Winter.  You can’t stop the change of the seasons and no amount of complaining is going to change that.  I love Fall, and true love lasts a lifetime.

Love and orange colored everything,



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