Wednesday I said goodbye to a piece of my heart. My little fur nephew Toby, after a valiant fight with cancer, passed away in his mommy’s arms. IMG_3502.JPGMy heart aches, the tears keep welling up, and by God I am mad. I am mad that such a handsome man couldn’t live forever. That cancer wouldn’t leave him alone. That dogs don’t live forever.

But the whole in my heart and all the tears mean I got that silly little man in my life. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Knowing him is worth this pain. For he was a good dog and gave us all so much love in return. Toby aka Bee aka Horse Dog aka Troby aka Squirrel Team 6 aka Tiny was my running buddy, wresting partner, and couch warmer, even if he did accidentally stab me with his stub all the time. He would always snuggle up in bed with me when I got to babysit him (sh! Don’t tell dad, he wasn’t supposed to be in bed). I couldn’t even be mad when he would steal the pillows from me.

IMG_3503.JPGThat sweet little lap dog of a doberman left giant paw prints all over my heart. Though he is no longer here, I know he is happy in dog Heaven playing fetch with Ripley and Daisy. So Toby, you go four-legged frolicking in a field, chasing after squirrels. Just watch your turning radius mister, you know it’s wide. There is no saying when we will all be there with you but remember you are in our hearts and in our minds, always.


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