A while ago a friend suggested I do a blog post, essentially entitled “Women for Dummies”.  I just laughed and said, sure why not?  But there is a teeny, tiny, itsty, bitsy little flaw in this plan.  I don’t understand women, and I am one!  Halloween this year is my case and point.

I decided of my own free will to go as Amy Farrah Fowler.  My cutie pie of a dog is named…PENNY!  Isn’t she the perfect accessory?  Now anyone who watches Big Bang Theory knows that Mayim Bialik is made to look less attractive when she is in costume for this role.  I doubt you will ever see a “sexy Amy Farrah Fowler” costume as it is a contradiction in terms.  For my costume I went to Goodwill and found a stripped sweater that was a size too big, dug out sensible shoes, grabbed thick tights, and used a knee length skirt.  Makeup, really none.  Just enough to make my eyebrows look a little bigger and chapstick.  Here is where it gets tricky…I kept finding myself reaching for the eye liner, the shadows, wanting to make myself look prettier.  The hair was off, so not attractive to have the clips in that spot.  It felt, wrong.

Trying not to hide my flaws and play up my best features was so difficult.  I felt uncomfortable for half the night because I knew I didn’t look my best.  But this was my choice, I was so excited for this costume!  How did it go so terribly wrong?  I was at a Halloween party with good friends, nerdy ones who would think it was funny!  Why did I feel ashamed to have not tried to look better?  Am I really so shallow that I have to feel pretty to have fun?IMG_3528.JPGAfter we started the first movie and were all seated, I did finally get over it and enjoyed myself.  But leaving my house, and going out into public like that, was shockingly hard for me.  As someone who rarely wears makeup on Sunday’s and L-O-V-E loves yoga pants on weekends, I didn’t expect this.  I don’t always care to put effort into my looks, why should it matter that I was purposefully trying to not do it?  The long and short of it is, honestly, I don’t know why.  Maybe because women flock to the “sexy” costumes, I felt I should too.  Maybe I really am that vain.  Maybe I was just having a weak mental day and my worry about something else manifested about my costume.  Or maybe aliens took over my brain, who knows.

So sorry people, there is no magic reasoning as to why girls do something.  We are all unique little snowflakes of sometimes crazy.  We don’t always make sense and I can’t tell you why.  Sometimes it is better if you just don’t question it and chalk it up as one more thing you will never know.  Though a hug would probably not be amiss if you don’t know what else to do.

Love and knock knock knock,



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