I am not a cat person, just ask anyone. I am a dog (and bird) person. I once used a spatula to keep a cat away from me at a friends house. In my defense it was a holiday spatula and it didn’t hurt the cat at all. So when Seamus (aka The Professor aka Kitty Smalls) needed a temporary home, you wouldn’t think I would be the best choice. But here I am, one week into kitty sitting.

However, the Professor and I have cohabited very well! We have an understanding. I feed him, he stays off my pillows and doesn’t chew my face off in my sleep. Penny stays on her side of the apartment, Seamus gets free reign of the bedroom. Pretty sure Seamus and Cameron (the bird) haven’t even seen each other so no problems there.

He has given me two panic attacks when I thought I lost him. Note to self, cats are liquid and can hide under blankets like no man’s business. And for the sake of my sanity, every closet door should be kept firmly shut at all times. Oh and when in doubt, check the box spring to see if it sprouted a tail.

Sure the little ninja kitty figured out how to get under the covers of my made bed. But he doesn’t usually try that when I am in the bed so I guess it is ok. I mean, I don’t allow my dog to sleep in bed with me but cats are different right? I cannot deny the burrito of happiness that is Seamus under covers!IMG_3551.JPG (Photo: top left – teaching me to make my bed as soon as I get up. Bottom left – his happy face. Right – his present from the Kitty Fairies, his new throne)

I must admit he is a cute little kitty when he sleeps, which is like all the time. Plus he is very tidy about using his litter box, which is gross but not as bad as I thought it would be. He hasn’t even woken me up running around bat-shit crazy at 2am, unlike a certain other four legged creature in my house.

Moral of the story. Kitty Smalls can stay as long as he wants. This doesn’t mean I will ever get a cat of my own. But, having one on temporary loan is kind of fun! Like renting a car you would never buy, but it sure is fun on vacation!

Love and cat hair,



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