S-T-R-E-S-S such a little word to describe such a big thing.  Between work, family, friends, car repairs, holiday shopping, and trying to remember everything on your grocery list stress adds up.  We get tired, cranky, irritable, unable to sleep.  Stress shows in our skin, eyes, weight, energy level, the list goes on.  Women look haggard from stress (yes, I am thinking of Cameron Diaz’s rant in The Holiday).  So then we stress about how we look on top of what was really stressing us out.

There are a myriad of ways to try and relieve stress like working out, eating comfort foods, or curling up in the fetal position. Some people swear by retail therapy.  Some people clean.  What ever makes your kangaroo hop.

Ages ago, I got a magnet for my fridge that says “Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts” and man oh man is that true in my house.  Either I want to eat a dessert or I want to make a dessert.  Doesn’t really matter to me which one.  I just think better with sugar.  I have made countless cakes, pies, and cookies all in an effort to be happier.  Usually, if I make a dessert, I don’t really want it.  So then my efforts pull double duty for the people I give them too.  I must say, my coworkers adore it when I randomly show up with a box full of cookies and make them take one every time the enter my cube.  Sh!  Don’t tell them but I feel a baking spree coming on. IMG_3559.JPG(photo: example of an average baking day)

Does my method always work? No, of course not. Some days not even baking can make me forget a bad day at work or all the worry when my puppy is sick. But it’s worth a shot to try! Besides, the worst thing that can happen is that I am upset and have to clean up all the dishes. Frankly, sometimes that is just as good for me as the baking.

So as you race around the mall getting presents, try and remember how long to cook the turkey, shiver as you shovel out your driveway (again), and juggle those deadlines at work remember one thing.  Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts for a reason.  Have the darn cookie, you know you want it.  But maybe put a few extra minutes on the treadmill tonight to balance it out.

Love and carbs,



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