I, Betty, have an organization problem.  Not that you would think that based on the clutter that is always on my coffee table.  But really I do.  About every 6 months I reorganize and sort every single one of my closets and drawers.  Not all at once mind you, it averages out to one closet/set of drawers a month.  I sort through and toss stuff.  Rearrange by use/color/style/size.  I pretty much constantly have a donation pile somewhere.  It usually sits around for a month or two before I make it to Goodwill or there is a Vietnam Vets pickup.

Most recently, I redid my shoe closet.  I used to store all my shoes in their boxes with labels on the front that listed out color, style, and heel height.  But lately, my system started to fall apart.  Literally, the boxes were breaking on the shoes I wore frequently.  So I started looking around on Pinterest and found a few different ideas mostly variations on this Pin  (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/127437864431421182/) but some involving inexpensive shelves.  Then got distracted by my kitchen cupboards and put off the shoe closet for a few months.  I broke down this past week and decided to try using tension rods to make custom shelves for my shoes.  After all, the Pinterest tension rod idea for under the cupboards had worked brilliantly !  See Pin here – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/127437864428941892/ which just uses one Target brand tension rod.

The actual installation of the “shelves” is really simple.  The main thing to remember is for heels, the front tension rod should be about 2-3″ below the back.  I had a few issues getting everything level and evenly spaced but then I was too stubborn to actually measure anything.  All in all, the revamp of my shoe closet took about 2 hours.  Most of that was figuring out how to organize the shoes.  Oh and the multiple trips to the garbage with all the old empty boxes!

After seriously underestimating the number of “shelves” I would need, two trips to Target, and a culling of the collection I finally have a seriously well organized closet.  I am in love with it.  It looks like a shoe store almost.  I organized the shoes by style and color (winter work/every day shoes are at the top, summer work/every day shoes are in the middle, and going out shoes are on the bottom.  Yes the collection is dark to light by style as well.  Flats and tennis shoes were just easier to organize on the floor.  I have to say, being able to see all of my +40 pairs (no I won’t admin the real number) of shoes makes it easier to pick what to wear in the morning!  Also, holy cow I have a shoe problem and I still want more pairs.

Moral of this story.  Pinterest has some good ideas.  It may be a time waste but at least you can get something out of it.  Also, I have a lot of problems.  And I am very ok with this!

Love and stilettos,



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