I love watching YouTube beauty tutorials in the morning, it is my little guilty pleasure as I wake up.  Plus, I get inspiration to do my own makeup or on something new to try.  Granted, the vast majority of the tutorials I would never actually recreate as they are not my style or would really not work on my (practically) albino skin.  But, I do get some great technique tips and ideas to incorporate into my own look out of the videos!

Now it is well known that I am a girly girl.  I love doing my hair and makeup, wearing skirts and heels, the whole nine yards.  However, I know there is a time and a place for beauty to be over the top.  Everyday, ain’t one of them.  Everyday means quick and easy.  Think basic makeup and granimals style clothes for big kids.

Lately, I have run into numerous videos claiming to be “everyday” makeup looks that are any thing BUT everyday. For starters, if you need more than three eye shadows to make the look, it isn’t everyday.  If the look requires glitter, it isn’t everyday.  If you have to use every brush you own to apply it, it isn’t everyday.  And last but not least, if you have to use false eyelashes, it really isn’t everyday.

The profusion of these videos has me wondering a few things.  Do girls really wear that much makeup daily?  Is their routine really so elaborate that these everyday tutorials are simple to them?  Am I just that bad of a girly girl that I think makeup should take about 5-8 minutes on a daily basis?  Or are these bloggers so far removed from what a normal person does (cause lets face it the fashion/beauty industry can skew perspective of normal) that they think these intense everyday looks are normal?  Now I really want to know, what is your normal beauty routine (and how long does it take)?

Take the photo I used for this post, that is a lot of look. But I adore it. I have recreated it (with the help of the amazing Amber) for a night out. I don’t have the dress, through I wish I did. But this is exactly that, a night out not my everyday!

My everyday look means foundation, power, blush, mascara, and lipstick.  Most days I add one, maybe two eye shadows, and a liner to make myself look more awake.  This girl is not really a morning person.  On a bad day, I take 30 minutes to do my hair and makeup for work.  Some days a girl just needs curly hair or a pop of color.  But most days I am done with my beauty routine in 15 minutes.  This girl has more important things to worry about, like drinking coffee and getting to work on time.

Love and eyeliner,


PS As a little bonus to this post, here are my all time favorite beauty YouTubers (in no particular order):

  • LisaFreemontStreet – hands down the BEST vintage hair tutorials around!
  • macshadowcombos – love her Frugal Fridays segments as well as product reviews comparing high end and drugstore, very good information.
  • Pixiwoo – their celebrity makeup looks are amazing and so easy to follow, even if you do have to find US or drugstore versions on your own.



5 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Tutorials – The YouTube Conundrum

  1. I think my beauty routine time has expanded since getting in to YouTube videos. It takes me at least an hour. Mostly because things like primers and brow products never used to be part of my regimen. A year ago my everyday look would have taken twenty minutes tops. Now my everyday look clocks in at about 45 minutes if I’m not getting fancy.


  2. My teen eats her breakfast in 2 mins so that she has more time to apply makeup before school. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was old enough to leave school but I know that I look and sound like Jane Austen to her if I say so. I liked your post by the way.


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