Frankly I am not entirely sure when I started this little tradition of mine, but it is now one I look forward to with childlike anticipation. You see once Thanksgiving dinner is done, the dishes are cleaned up, and I am on my way home I can officially start The Holidays. Somehow having to wait for these traditions make them so much more special. The anticipation of it all makes it so much sweeter.

Christmas/holiday music, which is banned until now, is played the whole drive home. I sing as loud as I can even if I have forgotten some of the words. Once home, it is movie time!! I love movie time year round, but now it’s HOLIDAY movie time. My options to choose from include: The Holiday, Love Actually, or the Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, I watch these during non-holiday time but they are so much better in the season. Honestly it is more a matter of which to start with as I pretty much always watch all of them before the weekend is done. This year, I chose Nightmare Before Christmas to start, in case you were wondering.

So as I sit here writing this, I have my mug of cocoa, my crafts at the ready, and my movie going. I have a home full of happy and healthy pets. I got to spend my day with people I love, my belly is full, and I am warmly snuggled under blankets. In short, I am content and grateful for all the things I have. My life isn’t perfect, there are things I want, but there is nothing I need.

After all, isn’t being grateful at the heart of Thanksgiving? And can you think of a better way to kick of the Holidays than by counting your blessings?

Love and sugar plum fairies,

Betty, Cameron, and Penny


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