Years ago I stumbled across a listing of (supposedly) every book mentioned or shown in the Gilmore Girls. Naturally, I was intrigued. A – I love books. B – I adore that show.

I printed off the list and promptly lost the blog names. Though this looks to be the same list I have! Now I have been periodically working on reading the books on the list (present count is 61 of 339), but I don’t think I will ever finish. Partly because some of the books hold absolutely no interest for me. Partly because I have a list of my own. Partly because of the number of books published since the show ended. But hey every girl needs a goal, right?

Recently, without meaning to, my weekly reading schedule contained two books off the list. The first was The Art of War and the second was Rebecca. Cause that combination makes total sense. I feel like Rory would be annoyed by the anarchy and Lorelei would revel in it.

The Art of War
Let me start by saying, this was not what I expected. I did get a translation from Project Gutenberg, and it is hard to preview before you download. The version I got did not have all of the original text in one place, rather there was commentary built into the original. It got to be very confusing when the descriptions were pages long in the middle of an original sentence. I would probably have gotten more from it had I had the ability to read the entire chapter before the commentary.

Edition problems aside (pretty sure this statement alone cements my über bookworm status) the writings were thought provoking. Some of the points seemed fairly obvious. Some seemed fairly irrelevant. Many seemed to be life lessons. Such as be cautious of those offering compliments and no substance (I am paraphrasing but see the chapter on spies). The work reminded me of a kind of Emily Post for badasses, the war edition. All it was missing was proper weapon placement when you enter a friends home.

What impressed me most wasn’t actually the words written down. But the fact they had survived so long and still could be relevant. In our hyper-modern world, a centuries old book in war still has the power to teach us. This gives me hope for the endurance of the written word, even if it is relegated to e-readers only.

Now to finish Rebecca! Though I must confess, this time I saw the movie first! But more on that later.

I still have hundreds of books to go on the Gilmore Girls list. But the pleasure is in the journey and not the destination. Where do you get your reading inspiration from? And let me know if you start the list yourself!

Love and that old book smell,



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