I am a Luddite with an iPhone. Oh and a blog. Hilarious right? No I don’t think it is the devil and must be eradicated.  I just prefer not to have technology take over my home, it’s part of my retro-chic living.  I find my home more relaxing when the internet and unread emails aren’t taunting me.  Not to mention I am way more productive and read more when Netflix isn’t there to tempt me into watching a whole season of Criminal Minds in one day.  That being said, I do have a few websites I just cannot live without.

Project Gutenberg

Two words – free books.  What is not to love?  All the classics, even many that are hard to find in print or at the library, available to download and put straight onto your e-reader.  Double bonus, it is LEGAL.  As in 100%.  As in this little rule follower has no guilt or pangs of doubt about using the site.  They even have foreign language books!  Well I guess it is only a foreign language if English isn’t your first language.  Anyway, the point is, you can get Thomas Hardy and Alexandre Dumas all in one site for your literary pleasure.


Its photos of adorably naughty dogs.  I really don’t think I need to say much more.  Besides, it makes me feel so much better when Penny does something naughty.  Her stealing stuffed animals that were not her toys to begin with pales in comparison to the dogs who chew up whole doors or make holes in walls.


I saw a meme recently that said, “Pinterest, video games for women” and I wholeheartedly agree.  I myself do not play video games as I am comically awful at them, but boy oh boy do I love Pinterest.  It has pretty things, crafty things, tasty things, hilarious things, and things that make you shake your head.  It is all my favorite hobbies in one site.  I spend way to much time on here.  PS my favorite boards are Style Inspiration – Accessories Closet, Hair Ideas, and any of my Craft Idea ones.  Which really, none of that should shock you.


I love this for similar reasons to Pinterest but add in music and news.  When I don’t want to get out of bed, I watch a video.  When I am waiting for someone, watch a video.  When I am bored, watch a video.  I even have them playing sometimes on the treadmill (sh! that one is a secret!).  Some of my favorite YouTubers (not just beauty) are Philip DeFranco for the news with a twist and random pop culture stuff I do not need to know but now do anyway, Ekhart Yoga for those days I need a new at home routine or a little guided motivation in my practice, and Tommy Toe Hold for MMA hilarity (caution this one is not entirely safe for work).

So what are your favorite sites?  Let me know if I need a new addiction…err addition to my Must Have list of websites!

Love and irony,




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