So instead of today’s previously schedule (and longer post), I interrupt your normally scheduled programing for a little word lesson.  Gratitude, a noun.  Merriam Webster defines it as “a feeling of appreciation or thanks”.  Today I feel gratitude, but also experienced gratitude, all from one teeny tiny little gesture.

One of my coworkers is currently deployed, leaving at home his wife and infant daughter.  As a company, we all tried to be as supportive as possible by helping take care of snow removal and arranging care packages for his unit.  As a thank you, he and his wife sent the whole office cupcakes.  For all you cupcake addicts out there they were minis with extra frosting and delightful.  It was thoroughly unnecessary, we just wanted to help.  But I accepted them with gratitude.

I guess what I am trying to say is, while a gesture you make might not seem like much to you in the moment, it can mean a lot to the recipient.  It only takes one person to start a chain of paying it forward.  One text message can make your whole day better.  And you may never know just how much you made a difference.  So today, I am going to make sure I hold open the door for those behind me, that I smile when I walk past my coworkers, and that I keep gratitude in my heart.

Love and the little things,



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