Part Deux of my Gilmore Girls Style Book Review is all about Rebecca. I mentioned in my previous post that I had seen the movie first. Now before you kick me out of the bookworm club remember that it is a Hitchcock film. So that particular sin must be forgiven.

Honestly seeing the movie in no way ruined the book, and having read the book it doesn’t change my feelings on the movie. I love them both. From the very first sentence Daphne du Maurier grabs hold of you, and she does not let go till the final page is turned. Just as how Hitchcock snares your attention from the very first scene.

The entire story is told from the perspective of Mrs. de Winters (the second one) and in a intriguing way we never learn her given name. We follow this young woman as she falls in love, marries, and returns to live in a home where ghosts roam. Not actual ones, but the lingering presence of someone dead but not forgotten.

The craftsmanship of the language is exquisite and accessible. The book is dark and sad yet is not depressing, more like the feeling you get on gloomy, misty days. The plot has all these twists and turns so you never quiet see where you are headed. All the characters are at once both vague and clear as we only we only truly see one side but get the sense there is something more lurking there.

As I read farther and farther into the book, I could see Hitchcock. No I didn’t see the movie playing in my head. The feel and the tone are so strikingly him, I can see why more than one of her stories became one of his films. If Hitchcock had been a writer, he would have written like Daphne du Maurier.

Simply put, this book has instantly become one of my top ten books I have ever read. I will be purchasing my own hard copy for I know I will read this work over and over again.

Love and literature,



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