I have been practicing yoga off and on for the last decade or so, starting my freshman year in college. Partly I wanted help to manage my stress (hello finals week!) and partly to rehab after injury. You see I am a wee bit on the accident prone side and need some assistance recovering fairly often.

Now I was a bad student of yoga and let my practice lapse from time to time. Some times for a year at a time. I know, bad Betty. But a few years ago I rediscovered my love of (regular) yoga practice. It began small, just a once a week affair in the privacy of my own home. Eventually I began making trips to a number of yoga studios, trying out different classes and instructors. Now it is an addiction and I go twice a week.

This month is a specially anniversary. It is the one year anniversary of my very first hot power fusion class. Julia and I got a wild hare to try a very specific hot class. Aka one we could both make after work. And one that would take the chill away from what is a horribly cold Minnesota winter. Last winter was bitterly cold after all. In a moment of fate, said specific class ended up being taught by Rachel, now my favorite yoga instructor. I really hate it when I have to miss class. So much so that it is now Yoga Wednesday, the one day of the week I refuse to work late for fear of missing it.

Now there are numerous reasons I am addicted to yoga. There is the obvious, it’s a good workout. It settles the mind, it’s hard to focus on worries when all your thoughts are on your breathe. Yoga gives you tools to help cope in everyday life such as when you are so nervous before your review and just need to calm yourself down.

I seasonally suffer from insomnia, damn daylight savings time. You know what always help? Yoga. Seriously any day I do yoga during my unfortunate spells I can sleep at night. Sometimes the next night as well. But if I go more than two days, my caffeine addiction becomes necessary.

Oh and have I mentioned how fantastic the clothes are? Seriously I live in yoga pants whenever I can.

Now I wouldn’t say yoga solves everything. But hey it can solve a lot. Plus anyone can do yoga. So I beg of you, pick up a mat and find where it can take you.

Love and yoga pants,



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