Today I am fully in holiday mode. I wore green and silver for the office holiday potluck. I really should get an ugly sweater, I just never seem to remember to actually buy one. I also am wearing my ornament earrings, just cause I can. The icing on the cake though is singing holiday songs! I accidentally started singing out loud at my desk earlier today. Thank goodness no one heard me!

I have so many favorite songs this time of year, but lately I have had the spoof version in my head instead of the normal ones. Instead of normal jingle bells, I sing the childish version. You know, like this “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.” Seriously, three days this week I have woken up singing that version. I am sure my neighbors think I am cray cray. Cause I am singing out loud with my coffee.

Speaking of coffee, my parents have this coffee mug that is now family lore (or something). It comes out like every Christmas and we all know all the words written on it. It has the music written out for We Wish You a Merry Christmas but the words are all animal names. We fish ewe a merry egrets moose panda hippo gnu deer.

If you did NOT sing along to the words, please go reclaim your childhood. Do not talk to me until then, I have no time for your maturity.

Love and childlike glee,



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