I am about to say something that may make my family disown me, or at the least mock me mercilessly. I LIKED the third Hobbit movie. Overall, I like all the movies. Yes, I have some issues with added characters and scenes. Yes I think it should have only been two movies. But will I watch them all again? Damn right I will. I am just waiting to buy them all as one boxed set.

The first movie, man oh man was I disappointed. You see, I had just finished the book and was all excited…and then it was not right. Also, I went to a midnight showing for some God unknown reason. Anyone who knows Betty knows she likes her sleep. I worked 12 hours the next day. Not a good combo.

The second movie, it started off debatable for me as well but really the dungeon escape and the dragon made it all better. I know it wasn’t entirely “as read in the book” but I loved the escape in barrels and all the sword fighting shenanigans that came with it. Plus, hello! DRAGON! Oh he is good. His voice slithers and creeps, his eyes are diabolically creepy, and that whole scene of Bilbo burglarizing had me smiling.

The third! Almost there kiddos! Now I love a good battle movie. This movie, pretty much one good battle. Yes brother I know that’s why you didn’t like it, but tough bananas I do! I laughed, I cried (didn’t see that one coming!), I cheered. I even liked that added She-Elf by the end. Thorin was positively crazy in the best way, all it took was on off-kilter smile and we knew something was up! Acting kudos to you sir for that one! My main complaint, the journey home. It felt abrupt and like they ran out of time and had to cut a ton of scenes out. Which really, they could have cut out earlier in the movie. Is it as egregious as the ending of Star Wars III when they missed like 20 years? No. Is it a sad way to end the trilogy of movies on? Yes.

I have a theory that I liked the second and third movies more for not having read the book the week before seeing the movie. I think it helped me forget a few details so I was not so annoyed when they were not included. Really, I just had to tell myself the main plot will be there but don’t expect a copy of the book. If you don’t expect anything, it is much harder to be disappointed. I still prefer the book to the movies, but then these were my bedtime stories so I am a bit sentimental. But they are good movies and I am excited to watch them again.

Love and second breakfast,


PS for the record that is my bookshelf in the photo.


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