Confession time, this girl NEVER makes a resolution at New Years.  Why, you ask?  Don’t you want to be a better you?  Don’t you have goals in life?  Yes and yes.  But those goals, they happen year round.  I don’t wait till some randomly chosen date based on the position of the earth around the sun to get my life in order.  I try for my goals and dreams when it makes the most sense in my life.  Sometimes that is New Years, sometimes that is July 28.  So while my Bucket List never gets any shorter, it isn’t because I am not doing those things but because I keep finding more in life I want to do.

Do I go to the gym more this year?  Oh look I just have the time and energy right now.  Do I cook healthier?  Yeah, Christmas involved a lot of crème brulee and my arteries needs some love. Do I read more?  Silly question, I always read insane amounts.  Do I do something new?  Duh, I get bored with nothing to do and that is not safe for anyone.

So here is my anti-resolution resolution, I will continue to try and be more AWESOME, just as I do every year.

A = Able to Laugh at Myself

W = Willing to Try Something New

E = Ecstatic about Pillow Forts

S = Silly (see E)

O = Open Minded

M = Make More Cake

E = Eager to Spend Time with Family, Fur Kids, and Friends

So you go on, make your goals now.  But only if that is what truly motivates you.  But this year, if you look back and realize you didn’t keep those resolutions last year, maybe resolve not to resolve.  Maybe make that list of goals now, but keep looking at it year round, and find out when it is best for you to jump off the proverbial (or literal, depends on your goal) cliff.  Our support group meets weekly, coffee is required.  I really should bring cake more often shouldn’t I?

Love and resolve,



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