I went on a wee little rant this morning, and apparently it was so hilarious Katie said it had to be a blog.  This is the censored version as the out loud edition has a few profanities in it.

Backstory, like Superman I have a more boring alter-ego.  Just my Clark Kent is the real me and my Superman is the blog me.  My big kid job is as an Administrative Assistant , and as a rule we administrative folks see lots of last minute requests.  Well, a specific one pushed me right over the edge from “eye-roll annoyed” to straight up angry.  There is a life lesson in here too, I promise it doesn’t just apply to work or me!

This request asked for something specific, something that wasn’t a big deal and would have taken me 30ish minutes to do.  That wasn’t the problem.  The problem was asking me to have it done this morning…but not asking for it till 9:30 am.  Ok I take that back, the real problem was expecting me to drop everything else I was doing because you just needed a simple little task.  This makes me mad, you wouldn’t like me when I am mad.

Now we get to the life lessons:

  1. Don’t tell someone how to do their job, unless you are their boss or actually know how to do their job.  Assumptions make an ass out of you and me, but mostly you.
  2. Just because you want something done ASAP for your own sake, doesn’t mean I am going to rearrange my whole day.  I am not sure what fits better here, your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency or you aren’t the center of the universe so stop acting like it.  If you think for one second I will drop everything just so you can check it off your list ahead of time, go bleep yourself.  See I told you it was censored.
  3. Don’t lie about anything, I will stop believing you.  Remember the boy who cried wolf?  This will haunt you one day when you have a real deadline.

Here endeth the lesson.  Now give a scotch, I am famished.

Love and cuss words,


PS  I have peppered this post with a few movie quotes/references, how many can you find?


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