For those of you not living in the frozen wasteland that is the Midwest, it is friggen freezing Mr. Bigglesworth.  Days when the high temperature is -2 degrees Fahrenheit, yes I said that is the warmest it will get, make me question why I live here.  Seriously, it hurts to breathe.  Why do I live where it hurts to breathe?  Oh and the warmest we are supposed to get all week is 8.  8 whole degrees above zero.  Gross.

Now one would logically assume that in light of the dangerous temperatures (did I not mention it is -30 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill? Ooops, my bad) that layers and dressing warmly is a must.  Yeah, ’bout them apples.  I haven’t worn pants all week.  Today, one of the coldest days all week, and I wore a skirt and stockings.  Not tights, not fleece lined leggings, plain old sheer stockings.  Lets be honest that is one step barely up from bare legs.  And I thought that was a good idea, today.  I swear I am smart normally!

Now I am not the anomaly in this, I know that doesn’t make it any smarter but I feel like I have to defend myself!  Lots of girls in the Midwest wear no stockings and mini dresses out dancing all winter.  It is just a fact of life that tights and clubbing don’t mix but neither that nor the threat of frostbite is going to stop us from having fun!  Besides, you get used to it after a while.  OK fine this still doesn’t make sense.  But then neither does wearing mini skirts and Uggs.  Which is not just a local phenomenon.  Eskihos, it is a real made-up but socially accepted term!. Plus they have been spotted in California!  So really all girls, not just Midwest girls, think like this!

So why do women/girls/females insist on wearing such impractical clothing choices?  Literally, we are putting fashion above health.  I guess we just needed something to add danger to our wardrobe, you know now that we don’t have to wear organ constricting corsets anymore.  Oh wait, I own a few of those too.  They do look fantastic with a ball skirt and bling, I just can’t help myself!

The answer, we be crazy.  I really cannot think of any other reason.  I shivered for half the drive to work.  I knew that would happen.  I knew what the weather was like.  I did it anyway.  I will probably wear tights and a skirt again tomorrow.  I am not sorry, not one bit.  I am just really really cold.

Love and your daily dose of crazy,



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