I have a new addiction, books by Cassandra Clare!  Seriously, I read the first two books from the Infernal Devices series (Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince) back to back.  Each book is about 500 pages though they are fairly quick reads.  Point to clarify, when I say back to back I mean I literally put one down and picked up the other.  I read them both, yes I said both, in one day.  I am a big reader, but I think over 1,000 pages in one day is a new record for me.

Originally I had heard of Cassandra Clare when I saw the movie The Moral Instruments.  Oh did I not like that movie.  The acting wasn’t great, the story jumped around, the costumes were too costume-y, you get the point.  This made me not want to read the books.  Then my rational side kicked in, reminding me that good books usually equal bad movies.  So off I went to my friendly neighborhood library to give it the old college try.  Sadly, book one of the Mortal Instrument series was not available but the first two of the Infernal Devices series were just waiting for me!  Yeah, I was left unsupervised in the library again, that needs to stop.

Picture this: London, turn of the century, steampunk, deadly umbrellas, magic, and adventure.  OK so the deadly umbrella is more of a side note in the book but the rest is indicative of the books!  I really wouldn’t mind owning that umbrella though.  The writing is definitely geared towards teens/newer readers, no surprise there as it is Young Adult Fiction.  While not overly complex, it is still very vivid.  I could definitely picture the characters, their clothes, the buildings, and really their whole world.  It helps that she blends real life London (at that time anyway) with her made up world so you already have the base to build on.

The plot thickens, no really she makes it more complex and intriguing as the books go on.  It was part of the reason I had to read the second book instantly.  I really could not wait to find out what happened next!  There are grand battles, subterfuge, trickery, lies and deceit, family drama, romance, and love triangles.  It is a lot in one book but it works somehow, probably because she does not rush through each scene but builds them up gradually.  Which is why the books are 500 pages long.  500 pages that are totally worth your time.

I give this whole series two spoons up!  I just got the Mortal Instruments from the library and I cannot wait to read it!

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One thought on “The Infernal Devices Series – Cassandra Clare

  1. City of Heavenly Fire is simply among those publications that you hold in your heart long after finishing.

    In general, I would certainly award City of Heavenly Fire
    5 from 5 superstars. A fitting closing.


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