So I am feeling a wee bit lazy today and decided to make a list of my favorite things about January. So much easier than having to think of transitions and unique descriptive words! So here it goes, and this is in no particular order (so as not to anger my siblings):

  1. Christopher (my brother) has a birthday!
  2. Mae (my sister) has a birthday!
  3. Monthly dinners with Nate and Amy resume after the holiday break.
  4. More and more daylight with every passing day.  Why hello sunglasses, I have missed you!
  5. The tabs on my car, are not due this month anymore. Man it was so annoying to have to replace the tabs in January!  Hip hip hooray for buying a car in August!
  6. People stop trying to get me to make Christmas cookies. I know I bake a lot, and bake cookies a lot, but I have never been a holiday cookie kinda girl.  People have trouble understanding that.
  7. Grapefruit! Ok this is more of a winter thing, but I love grapefruit season. Especially Texas grapefruit season.  Great, now I want a grapefruit.
  8. I can start the countdown to my birthday…just for myself, I don’t post it all the time or anything.  I mean I do send the invites for the party out like a month ahead.  What can I say, I like to live it up that one day!
  9. I can start planning the vacation for the year!  I typically try and take one week long vacation some place fun.  My new goal is to go to a new state every year, seeing as I have more stamps in my passport than states visited.

For the record, my siblings are not twins. They just happen to have been born a few years and like four days apart.

Love and laziness,



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