To say work has been busy lately is like saying water is kinda wet, hello understatement.  But busy is good, I would rather be too busy than sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  Enforced idleness might be the worst punishment you can give me.  That being said, it does get to you when you don’t have time to breathe or even stay caught up on the little things.  So in an effort to keep our sanity, coworker Amy and I have a little tradition.  And really it is the little things that make the biggest difference.  This little tradition, called Song of the Day, is very simple and takes about 2 minutes each morning.  Ah but the effects linger, and it gives us something to look forward to each and every morning!

Step 1 – Choose a Theme

Each week we rotate who gets to pick the theme of the week.  Sometimes it is a genre, sometimes it is an artist, really anything goes.  For example, I got to pick this week and chose the 80s!  Now Amy does not really like the 80s but she is discovering that there are a few good (read ridiculous) songs she enjoys!  Me, I really just wanted to use a specific song.  But more on that in Step 2!  Now the person who picks the theme gets to choose the songs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Really this is a lot of pressure!  You set the tone for the whole week and have to send the week away on a good note.  Pun emphatically intended by the way.

Step 2 – Choose a Song

One day, one song.  Them’s the rules.  But really they are more guidelines than actual rules.  Sometimes we can’t decide so there is a bonus song of the day.  Those are extra special days, like finding out your mom made your favorite dinner AND pie!  I mean, who doesn’t love pie?  YouTube link is required, cause sometimes the reason the song is so awesome is that the video is too funny for words.  Though that did bite us in the butt when we had a Garth Brooks theme, man is it hard to find good videos for his songs!

Wanna play along with us?  The song today is Another One Bites The Dust by Queen (for full amazingness see this video). This song is the whole reason for the the theme, I have a love affair with Queen and use their songs every chance I get!

Love and harmony,


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