Like many of my fellow peeps, I adore a good glass of wine.  I mean there is something for everyone!  And it goes with everything, especially girls night!  But have you ever wondered how wine suddenly became so popular?  There are vineyards all over, wine country is now the new holy grail of vacations, you can judge a restaurant on their wine list, and it is a must to stock at parties.  What happened to cocktails like in the 50s?  When did gimlets go out of style, and get replaced by wine?  Even more curious, why?  We have not only changed how we drink but how we buy.  See the popularity of Trader Joe’s!  There is a flip side to that too where boutique wineries are seeing a resurgence and are popping up in towns all across America.  Even the Minnesota State Fair has an immensely popular wine tasting restaurant.

As a fan of retro flair, I do love making cocktails to go with dinner parties.  But I have noticed, not only am I in the minority to make that effort but people are always surprised by it.  It seems fancy or extravagant to them.  When you think about it though, your basic cocktails are almost as easy as serving wine and there is a drink for everything!  A good gin and tonic brightens up any summer barbeque and a Manhattan is blissfully warming in winter.  Granted, I am biased since those are the family dinner staple drinks.  Well those and scotch/whiskey (yes I know the difference, no I will not go into it here).

As I sit here, sipping my glass of Le Grand Noir GSM (thank you brother dear for introducing me to that particular wine), I find myself torn.  On one hand, I love wine.  It is my go-to drink at home.  But on the other hand, I love making/serving/drinking cocktails.  Am I contributing to the decline of at home cocktails simply by having a well stocked wine rack?  Or am I finding a healthy balance by having an equally stocked liquor cabinet?  Does it really matter, because like all trends wine will eventually be replaced by something else as it replaced gimlets?

I guess I better go back to my wine and ponder this,.  I am having girls night Friday and we will definitely have a glass or two then, maybe this time I switch it up and play a bartender too.  I hope they love it as much as I do!

Love and random musings,


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