In case it had escaped your notice, I am a nerd.  I wear my nerd loud and proud, like the time I wore a t-shirt (a present from my brother mind you) to the gun range that read “Come to the darkside, we have cookies. ~V”.  Until I realized the guy was trying to sneakily read my shirt, I thought he was a creepy perv.  Now before you get all uppity and say “Trek is better, looser” I am living proof you can love Trek and Wars equally.  Really they suit my different moods.  But more on Trek next week, I can blab all my nerddom in one post after all!

Ok, back to Star Wars.  I am prefacing my statement that I love Star Wars.  I am in fact referring to Episodes IV, V, ad VI.  Episodes I – III are NOT Star Wars.  They are movies with the same characters.  So on my days when I just need to crash and not be a big kid anymore, nothing is better than a little Empire Strikes Back.  Well, sometimes I need Ewoks in my life so then it is Return of the Jedi.  But then sometimes I need to mock and say “but I was going into the Tosche station to pick up some power convertors” and which means A New Hope.  I do own Episodes I – III, I just haven’t watched them in years.  I have every intention of keeping it that way.

My brother and I used to watch these movies (with pizza and chocolate coke floats) when I was little. Loved them then.  In college, I became friends with Lia because we were both ditching a party to go watch one of the movies.  Yep still in love.  Oh look!  The Empire Strikes Back is playing now!  Never gets old.  I know these movies forwards and back.   Seriously Lia and I have entire text message conversations that are only movie quotes.  Not even a little ashamed to say that.  Sorry (not really), but I outed you on that one.

Now if you for some silly reason have NOT seen movies, go do it right now.  There are swoon worthy men (Han rocks those stripped pants), ladies with gumption, sassy droids, epic battles between good and evil, and one of the most iconic villains, film history, fighting teddy bears, and cool monsters.  Not to mention quotes for days!

Love and may the force be with you,



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