So this week as I was commuting my normal 30 minutes to work, I realized many of the things that go through my head in the car are the same day in day out.  Maybe it is the routine of driving, the familiar route that prompts the same thoughts over and over, or maybe it is just that my coffee hasn’t kicked in.  Who knows.  These are not profound thoughts, really it feels more like my brain is just spinning around and this is what flies out, like when you spin a lazy Susan too fast.

  • Brakes, I really like good brakes.
  • Dave Ryan is annoying, how does he still have a job?
  • Ugh, there goes another radio station.
  • I like big trucks and I cannot lie (if you didn’t sing that, we can’t be friends).
  • Gawka blawka (makes more sense in a Boston accent).
  • Mmmm Starbucks.
  • Minneapolis really does have a pretty skyline.
  • Oh come on people, it is just a little rain/snow!
  • Did I shut the window before I left?
  • Coffee coffee starts with C (again if you didn’t sing along…).
  • Oooo I hate having to drive that close to the barrier!
  • Please don’t let another semi crash in the tunnel.
  • Awww I want to go to the art institute.
  • Say it with me now, TURN SIGNALS!
  • I hate construction, don’t let me get another nail in another tire!
  • We are making another left turn! (please note the Jeff Dunham reference).
  • Zipper merge, please let them zipper merge!
  • Uh, did I park too far over again?

So tell me, what do you think about on your commute?

Love and driving gloves,



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