Man oh man every day. I usually wake up with one fragment of a song bouncing through my head. This morning, Bare (or is it Bear??) Necessities from the Jungle Book. My coworker was humming it yesterday. I just KNOW this song is going to be in my head all day. And yes I will do the little funny bouncing walk inadvertently at one point in the day, I just hope no one sees it!

Normally, I like having songs stuck in my head. I have been known to listen to songs/playlists on repeat if the mood strikes me. But what absolutely drives me bonkers is when I can’t remember the whole song and just keep mentally singing the same line over and over again. Eventually, since I usually remember the whole tune, I just start making up my own words. It keeps me for loosing it entirely. Betty note, I am horrible at rhymes so don’t ask about my homegrown lyrics.

Now since I cannot remember the whole Bare Necessities song, I am just going to have to take the extreme action of…looking it up on YouTube. This little Luddite totally gives thanks the tech gods for YouTube. And all the weird people out there who have wanted to watch random clips of things and put them out there for me too!

Love and the bare necessities of life,



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