There is something bad happening in Bettyland.  Something, disgraceful and even…shameful!  I have been running LATE.  I hate late.  Late is rude and lazy and disrespectful.  Why have I been running late you ask?  Cause this little 50s housewife wanna be cannot seem how to appropriately schedule her days.  I try and cram everything in, I try and get it all done.  I am always busy but my list just seems to grow and never get done.  Now, I am fine with never-ending book lists, but life is more than just books. Or well, there is more that life requires than books. Like laundry, and grocery shopping, and cleaning.  But I want to do all the fun things too!  Like dinner out with friends, and art projects, and shopping, and puppy play dates.

Put all of that together, along with my 9 to 5 oh and that little crazy thing I did called start a part-time crafting business (more on that next week!), and all my time is eaten away.  I don’t get all the laundry done.  I forget to go to Target for days and suddenly discover I am out of trash bags.  I think I can get to Cub and the gym and get home and shower and get ready and leave for dinner on time..and I am wrong.  So I make my friends and family wait for me, and I get so mad at myself because that is not the person I want to be.

So what now?  Do I stop trying to do it all?  Never!  I want to have a clean home, fun nights out, family dinners, go to concerts, get to the gym, and read all the books.  I just need to learn to manage my time a little bit better, and maybe reevaluate a few priorities.  Until then, I am so so very sorry to you all.  I am trying my best to get there when I say I will, bring what I say I will bring, and do what I say I will do.  So until I get this right, and maybe start setting alarms for when I have to leave, please have a little patience with me.  And maybe start telling me to be places 5 minutes before I really need to?  Or remind me to bring things like a million times? And I will try and pare down my list into something more manageable I promise.  You know I am serious about this, I am even thinking about trying online shopping to save time and you know I am a Luddite.

Love and patience,


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