While Hercules cannot compete with Beauty and the Beast, this is still one of my favorite kids movies.  I have always loved mythological stories, they hold a special place in my heart.  It is probably one of the reasons why The Odyssey is my all time favorite story.  It is the best love story ever written, there is adventure and betrayal, courage and…ooops I am digressing again aren’t I?  Ok fine I will save that for another post.

Back to Hercules! Really, I just adore the muses.  Sassy ladies with fabulous hair and dance numbers, what is there to not love???  Yes, this means every viewing of this movie turns into a sing-a-long, sometimes a dance-a-long too.  Might one say, a sance-a-long?  Eh no that is no good.  Just pretend like I actually have a good idea and insert the fun name here.

Now Meg has some of the great lines, and quotability is a huge factor in repeat watching.  “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this.  Have a nice day!” That is my kind of girl, she has something that looks a lot like gumption.  Pain and Panic, oooo those two little trouble makers make me laugh so!  Who knew shape shifting demons could be so adorable?  Don’t even get me started on how funny I find Phil.  Danny DeVito is a comedic genius if you ask me.  He is a vulgar, crude, and obnoxious little goat-man and yet he is oddly endearing and lovable.  That is Disney for you I guess!

Anyone besides me see a theme here?  Yeah pretty much I love all the characters…except Hercules.   Really if the story didn’t involve him, I would probably be ok with this.  Though, I am not sure what we would call the movie at that point.  And well there is kinda of a giant plot hole if you take him out of the picture.  Ok fine, he can stay.  But I will just write this post during his scenes.

Have I mentioned how unbelievably trying it is to rewatch movies I love and review them for you?  I mean this is really a tough job, but I am doing this for you.  Taking one for the team as it were, that is if I knew how to play team sports.

Love and togas,



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