This weekend I crossed off a wish list item that I had been meaning to do for ages.  An item that seemed so silly when you thought about it.  I have lived in Minnesota pretty much my entire life, and somehow had never actually gone to see Minnehaha Falls in winter.  In fact, I had never actually been down to the falls at all!  I have been to the park, and more importantly Sea Salt, but I had never walked down the paths to visit the falls.  Well this weekend my partner and crime, Beatrix, and I went on an adventure and explored the falls together!  We even got hot chocolate after.  Seeing how it was about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside Sunday, we needed to warm back up!

But the falls or hot chocolate isn’t really the point of this rambling entry.  The point is, we spend so much time day dreaming about far off places, vacations we want to take, amazing things to do elsewhere, we neglect to “vacation” in our own hometowns!  I know there are so many things in Minnesota/the Midwest I have never done because I always think, oh I will get to that eventually.  But, why can’t today be that eventually?  Why can’t I, instead of being bored doing the same old thing all the time, vacation at home?  I say it is time to embrace the Staycation and explore!

This shall be the year I finally see the Museum of Russian Art, go see Lakewood Cemetery (slightly dark I know, but I like exploring cemeteries), see the Mary Tyler Moore house, and maybe even try dog sledding!

Love and adventures,


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