Do you ever find yourself doing nothing in particular with someone and realizing that was exactly what you needed?  I mean, you are cranky and tired and want to be a hermit but end up laughing so hard you are crying and suddenly you feel better?  That happens to me all the friggen time.   Mostly because I exhaust myself to the point I just can’t care about anything and anyone who knows me that I do NOT function well when tired.

Betty tip: don’t wear makeup around these people.  If they are really who you should be hanging out with, they won’t be either!

Don’t get me wrong, I love people, mostly.  But at heart I am an introvert and need my alone time.  But sometimes that alone time is exactly the problem.  You just sit there, stewing in your own bad mood till you finally just give up and go to bed at like 8pm on a Saturday and feel worse in the morning for sleeping too long.  Being social is hard.  Being an adult is hard.  So we all need those friends who we can hang out with when we look like crap, are cranky, and just need to vent.

I find it is best if your non-plans include snacks.  Or at least gummy bears.  Cause nothing says therapy like a gummy bear massacre.  Yes I bite their heads off first.  I do that to animal crackers too.  If you don’t like it, you will never be invited to my pillow fort and no I won’t share my coloring book either.

For the record, I had one of these moments this weekend.  While painting my parents bathroom cabinets, no they weren’t home.  That’s a long story that involves family idiosyncrasies and a whole lotta back story. 

I am an awesome painter as it turns out and B picks out kickass hardware.  We should have our own show like the Property Brothers, just with way better hair.  Though really we have too many inside jokes and weird humor moments for a show to ever be a mainstream hit.  

Love and laughter,



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