This little Betty is a huge fan of the Bourne movies.  I am 99% sure this is the only time I have ever preferred the movies to the book.  Seriously, I did not like the books and didn’t read all of them.  I felt like I was trying to read through molasses in winter.  But enough about the books, this is a movie post!  Warning!!  Spoilers ahead.

Of the three movies, I have to say  Identity is still my favorite.  I really liked the character of Marie and felt the movies lacked a certain something after she was killed off.  Nicky is great and all…but she just didn’t have the same rapport that made Bourne seem more human like Marie did.  

Identity also had the best plot of the three in my opinion.  While they are all far fetched, the whole ark of finding out his real name and where he came from played out the best to me.  In Supremacy, I felt like they stretched a bit too far with how well they pieced together the Berlin assassination and magically appearing top secret, supposedly destroyed documents.  Ultimatum had a similar flaw with the romance with Nicky.  Really Ultimate was just the second half of Supremacy whereas Identity can be a more stand alone film.

That being said, I think Supremacy had the best car chase.  The car going up the barricade was seriously cool.  Though I swear like half the movie is car chase so it’s hard to pick the best part.  The best villan goes to Ultimatum with Noah Vosen.  The character just oozes evil and arrogance.   Ooo I get chills just thinking of it!

Now you are probably thinking, but Betty there are FOUR movies!  To that I say nay my Sweeties!  If Matt Damon isn’t the main character then it is no Bourne movie.  Don’t get me wrong I am a Jeremy Renner fan, and liked the movie, but to me it’s not part of the same series.  It’s a spinoff, like NCIS: LA.  Close but not the same thing.

Love and watch for the bump,


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