First and foremost thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday!  Between Facebook, texts, and phone calls this girl feels so blessed to have so many caring people in her life.

Second, I need to remember to do a me day more often!  I had a perfectly decadent day just doing what I wanted when I wanted.  Even better, it was 65 and sunny!  In March!  In Minnesota!  No dodging slush puddles this year, didn’t need a jacket either.

The me day was all about overall me, sort of a mind/body/soul recharge. Got a killer workout in before Noon, treated myself to sushi lunch, then immersed myself in the world of art and culture at the Habsburg exhibit at MIA.  I even got dinner made for me and I didn’t have to do dishes, thanks Mom and Dad!  Oh and yes, I did take the day off work just because it was my birthday.  So worth it. 

In short, I am one heck of a lucky girl.  I have amazing friends and family, the flexibility to take a day off from work, and live in a place where I have easy access to great food and culture.

Love and birthday candles,


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