As you may have noticed, I have an organization fixation.  Maybe because my apartment never seems to have enough space, maybe because I am fickle and get sick of things, maybe because it helps me feel in control of life.  Who knows.  The reason why doesn’t really matter so much in the end anyway, just that the fixation is there.

Now I have talked about how I sort and purge a closet/cabinet a month just to keep a handle on all the stuff we consumers accumulate.  I am a bit behind and am itching to find time to do a big spring clean/sort.  It always leaves me exhausted but happier.  Double bonus, the donated items can be a tax write off!

Lately, my fixation has had a new avenue to explore.  You see, at work we are expanding and I am moving to a new floor!  You know you are big kid when you get excited for a new desk. But in my defense these desks can be converted at will to be standing desks!

I haven’t accumulated a ton since I have been working between two offices for two years, but there is still a decent amount of stuff at my desk.  This Betty is NOT moving a ton of stuff she doesn’t need! Or worse, projects that have been lingering because I keep putting them off.  That is just not an option!  So I am setting aside a little fun time each week, and going through the stacks one by one.  It may be lame and nerdy, but that is the best part of my day.  Well that and making my to do list.  I love making lists just so I can physically cross stuff off of it as I go.

Love and spring cleaning,


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