Car chases, fight scenes, insanely implausible escapes, Vin Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson all in one movie?  What is not to love?  I really shouldn’t have to mention how excited I am for the next movie.  But in case you couldn’t tell, I CANNOT WAIT!  Though, I have a feeling it will be a bit tough of a movie to talk about knowing Paul Walker died during the filming of it.  Like with Batman and Heath Ledger.

Now I am a fan of the whole franchise…with the exception of Toyko Drift (see reasons listed in the Bourne post, it all applies here but substitute Vin for Bourne).  But I am going to skip past 1-4 and go straight to 5.  Mostly because I picked up Fast Five recently and I hadn’t seen it since around the time it first came out.  Watching it now, it is amazing how much I forgot.  Like how Lettie wasn’t in the movie.  Or how cool the Rock’s armored tank on wheels is.  I mean, he drives it through brick walls, that could really come in handy!  Or how they break into the vault…by dragging it out.  Genius!  Highly impossible, but oh my god that is cool.  Bestt part though?  The murdered out Chargers that had been the Rio police cars.  That or the train heist.  The way they offload the cars is so well choreographed.

My main beef with these movies, why do they always have to wreck the pretty cars?  Blah blah blah plot line blah.  But really they could stick to totaling the ugly cars.  I mean, do they have to wreck a Charger in EVERY movie??  I cringe every time.  I could so put those cars to better use than scrap metal.

Now one cannot call these movies high art, but they are great entertainment.  Plus Vin is kind of the James Earl Jones of action films, just better looking.

Love one quarter mile at a time,


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