So I might not really be a “newbie” anymore,  that first post was over 6 months ago.  But I still kinda consider myself to be a newbie so I say it counts!  Now I finally broke down this year and hired a personal trainer to kick my butt into shape, and let me tell you kick he does.  I have noticed a whole new litany of things that run through my head now.  It isn’t like I can just give up and be done with someone watching after all!  So here is my updated musing list, you must tell me yours now!

  • Really?  I can lift that much? Sweeeeet.
  • Oh man, heavier?  But it was already heavy!
  • Step ups, you evil bastards.
  • Focus!  You are going to hurt yourself if you fall over laughing right now.
  • Man those two remind me of South Park (in the best way possible).
  • Dear god, people can actually lift that much?
  • Must…not…fall…down…stairs!
  • Ooooo this one is fun!  It’s going to hurt later but it’s fun!
  • So close to a real push-up, I got this!
  • Oh crap I don’t got this!
  • Scalpel!  Ok fine it’s just a dumbells.  Man I watched too much MASH as a child.
  • Aw yeah new personal best!
  • Please woman put on shoes, I am terrified for your toesies!
  • I need shirts with funny sayings, she always has the best workout shirts.
  • I hate you Sam.
  • Well hell, now I have to walk up the stairs to leave.  

Love and reps,


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