This book is the first in a long list of books recommended to me by the lovely Brody Ramone (see her website here for new music or follow her ( @brody_ramone) on Twitter).  I honestly do not remember how we got on the topic, but suddenly she was giving me this massive list of books written by inspirational powerhouse women.  All of whom made their own success and run their own world.  Now I for one love to hear a success story, especially those of women who don’t take shit from anyone and who chased down dreams till they were reality. 

All too often these powerhouse women are described as “bitch” or other less publishable names when they break new ground, a fact Kelly Cutrone goes into great detail about in her book.  I love her take on it.  People call her a bitch because she  bluntly honest, so what.  She is firm in her spiritual life, her motherhood, and her Mama Wolf role at work.  She has her tribe, her word for all the people who support her, and she does not have to compromise her values.  She is at peace with herself, she has battled her own demons, and she is proud of that.

For my own taste, this book got a little too into the spiritual/find your inner bliss for me.  But it makes sense in the context of a woman who found herself by finding spirituality.  What I did like best, is how she will be the first to tell you her way may (really probably) won’t work for you.  My mom (who sneakily read the book before I could pick it up from their house) said what she got from the book was follow your bliss and be true to yourself.  I got something a little different.  Be brave and keep your game face. 

I have to say, Kelly Cutrone pulls zero punches weather it be about herself or those around her.  I am in awe of that.  The book is fairly short and a quick read.  If you are in need of a pick me up/pep talk I highly recommend this book.

Love and a swift kick, 



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