As I was getting ready to go to family dinner for Easter, something very obvious occurred to me.  Obvious to the point that I cannot believe I haven’t thought of this before.  Don’t you just love little epiphanies like that?  Little “Ah ha!” moments that make you both proud of your brain and embarrassed that it took you so long to grasp something.

Now as you may or may not be aware, I have a wee bit of an obsession with pin-up/50s style.  I love the hair styles, the makeup, the dresses, the shoes.  Also, I detest pants, jeans most of all.  So going retro 50s works for me since women wore dresses most of the time.  I have oodles of skirts and dresses I wear constantly and a bunch of jeans (all from my sister) that I almost never wear.  I usually forget they exist when I am contemplating what to wear that day.  Though when I am going out on the weekends, I love a good neon colored, sequined, or cutout dress. Not very retro of me I know but I cannot resist the flash.

But this time I wasn’t getting dressed to go anywhere really, it was just a casual family dinner.  There was no need to do my hair or put on makeup.  Heck, I could have gone in yoga pants and a hoodie!  Which I have totally done before for the record.  But even as I was just putting on non-pajamas, I found myself sticking to my retro theme.  I had a bandana in my hair (very Rosy the Riveter) and a bomber style jacket.  It didn’t matter that the rest of the outfit was just jeans and a t-shirt, I automatically made it my style.  I did not consciously try either.  I just looked in the mirror as I was getting ready to leave and it hit me like a freight train.

In summary is what you put on when looks don’t matter is your true style. What you wear as a statement is your trend.  And they don’t have to be similar to both be well and truly you.

Love and stilettos,


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