It has been ages and ages since I have done a Pinterest project review, which is not the same as saying I haven’t been trying out the things I pin!  OK really might not be ages but I am too lazy to go back and figure out exactly when I posted one last.  Lately I have not been able to have any wheat without getting wicked heart burn.  Which makes me very very sad because I do miss my occasional wheat splurges.  But I have found a few recipes/ideas on Pinterest that have helped ease my sadness!

Item 1 – Bell Pepper Crusted Sandwiches

I have tried the cucumber in place of bread, but really that only works if you are having something like tuna or chicken salad.  It was just too mushy with sliced chicken or lunch meats.  But the bell pepper, now that was much better!  The crunch was nice and I like bell peppers on my sandwiches anyway so the tastes all melded together for me.  I did red bell pepper, Dijon mustard, minced olives, and roasted turkey.  I was a bit sad I didn’t have any spinach or arugula to add as it would have been extra delish!  Overall though, it was very satisfying and easy to make.  The one big problem I had, flattening the pepper!  I ended up cutting the pepper into quarter rather than the halves as shown in the pin.

Item 2 – Thai Zucchini Meatballs

This has skyrocketed all the way to my “must make regularly” list.  The flavors were great, the prep was fairly easy (a bit messy and time consuming but not complicated), and it was a nice way to mix up the menu!  I have a love of all things curry so I had the majority of the sauce ingredients on hand, I just needed to get some of the fresh ingredients.  I served mine over rice with sautéed mushrooms and onions, yum!  Next time, I will cut back on the tomato paste a little bit to make it a bit less sweet and up the spicy level just a bit.

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Experiments – Wheat Free Edition

  1. I use bell peppers to make sandwiches without flattening the shell. I guess you could call the “open faced” sandwiches. Just cut the peppers in half and layer your ingredients in the shell — you might have to cut or roll some up to fit. Also works great with tuna or chicken salad.


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