I was debating like 8 movies for a Film Flashback Friday post, and of course spent too much time debating and didn’t re-watch any of them in time.  I had planned Thursday night as my movie night, but I really really REALLY just wanted to veg out with something shorter than a movie.  Which got me thinking, TV shows can be flashbacks, and they are kind of film-esque.  So here is my top favorite TV shows, the ones I go back and watch over again!  Said list is in no particular order, but the first one really is the best.

  • Doctor Who (duh!)
  • Star Trek Next Generation (with some tea, Earl Gray)
  • Criminal Minds (Baby girl needs some creepy entertainment)
  • Numb3rs (Still no closer to understanding math though)
  • NCIS (Abby and I need to be friends)
  • Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!)
  • Bones (It’s like Angel, but way different)
  • CSI: Miami (oh hello guilty pleasure from college!  I do miss our Horatio impression competitions.)
  • MASH (social commentary and alcoholic doctors, what’s not to love?)
  • Firefly (We aim to misbehave)

Now this is not a full list of TV shows I like mind you (oh man does it ever look bad when you list them all out), just the ones that when I see on TV I will always  stop and watch.  I don’t even care if I remember how the episode ends!

Love and stop judging me Netflix (and please play  the next episode),



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