Mondays after work and working out, sometimes a girl just needs to sit on her couch and give herself a manicure.  Sometimes a pedicure too.  Now I am not very creative with my nails, I don’t like doing crazy complicated designs.  My attention span is not that long.  My hands are not always that steady either and my perfectionism won’t allow for sloppy lines.  Also, I have issues with patterns.  I cannot stand them very long on clothes, décor, sheets, even my nails.

One of my new favorite manicures is the half moon manicure.  You only need one “specialty” item to complete it and basic nail polish techniques.  That specialty item?  It is the hole reinforce rings you use on 3-hole punch paper, available at any craft store or Target.   Base and top coat and one color, two if you are feeling crazy, and a fancy mani you have!

Step 1 – prep your nails (aka remove old polish).

Step 2 – base coat and let dry. If you are going to do two colors, apply the first one like normal and let dry before going to Step 3.

Step 3 – apply the rings to the bottom of the nail beds so you block off about one quarter of the nail.  Make sure you firmly press down to create a seal, don’t want the polish bleeding!

Step 4 – apply nail polish.  For darker colors, you usually need two coats.  For a lighter, subtler look one might do just fine!.

Step 5 – when the nail polish is no longer liquid but not firmly set, remove the rings and apply your top coat.

If you are a visual learner, like me, this little picture tutorial shows how to apply the rings and remove them!

Now I recently started doing an ice water bath to speed up the nail drying time.  I cannot believe I have gone so long without knowing this!  Now I never accidently smudge my nails after I think they are dry. Case and point, I started this post less than half an hour after applying the top coat.  See this pin for full details!

Love and beautification,


Betty note – I used I Am Not Really A Waitress from OPI, it is my favorite red!


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