OK I might be a little bit crazy but I swear I am harmless!  Just because I burst out singing “Doe, a deer, a female dear” after I saw, well, deer, doesn’t mean you should look at me like I am crazy.  I mean at that point I had to finish the song.  Well the dance might have been a little much but I was channeling my best Julie Andrews.  So I just happened to be outside walking my dog at the time.  Big deal.  Penny likes it when I sing anyway and she does the cutest little wiggle dance with me.

And on that note, just because I take my dog out puddle stomping (barefoot) in rainstorms, donna mean you canna look at me like that. She LOVES puddles.  Almost as much as me.  We  like to go STOMP STOMP STOMP up and down the street.  We leave no puddle untouched.  It is totally safe, I live off a dead end off a dead end so there are very few cars on the street.  The mud rinses off easily enough.

Furthermore, just cause I occasionally walk my dog or take out my trash with curlers in my hair doesn’t mean haters should hate.  My hair is fabulous after and I make no apologies for that.  Besides it is time efficient in the mornings, just brush it gently and you have beautifully bouncing curls.  I ain’t (always) got time for using a curling iron before work!   Vintage is coming back anyway, there is no reason that vintage techniques can’t come back too!

So neighbors, I am not crazy.  I am just unique.  With a really cute dog that makes me go outside a lot.

Love and no my mother didn’t have me tested,


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