For no rhyme or reason, I took Friday off of work.  Mostly because I could, partly just to have a little sanity break.  I needed a day of doing anything I wanted and nothing I needed.

In true Betty style, it started with sleeping in and coffee.  I did get in a good work out, it was even outside!  I got mocked slightly for my advance preparation (sunscreen ideally should be applied half an hour before exposure after all!) but I am used to that.  Then lunch, park date with my P-Monster, a nap, dinner, Gilmore Girls and crafting, and reading randomly mixed in throughout the day.  I chose a beautiful spring day, 70 and sunny!  Being able to enjoy the sunshine gave me a huge mood boost!

One thing I did learn the hard way, going to the park this early in spring Penny won’t sit still!  She just looooves to smell all the things, and there is a lot of new stuff for her to smell!  When she is trying to run around and smell all the things, it is really hard to hold onto the leash and my book.  But I did have a great view of the lake and really I have the cutest puppy around!

You know what made that day even better?  Waking up Saturday, and for one split second thinking it was Sunday.  The realization that I had TWO Saturdays, oh man that is the best part about waking up!  You can keep your crummy Folgers’s in your cup.

Now I am not claiming this one day helped me reclaim my sanity.  I am sane enough to admit that is a lost cause.  After all, we’re all mad here.  However, after having a whole day to do…anything I wanted, I reclaimed a little bit of that fleeting peace of mind. Just enough to fool people that I am not going off the deep end.  Or get me through till May 15 when I get to go spend time in NYC!

Love and nap time,



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