We all have bad habits, right?  No one is perfect after all.  Or so I keep hearing.  Some of my bad habits seem harmless, at the time.  But really they add up over time.  So in an effort to help curb my bad habits I am fessing up to them now.  They do say you have to admit you have a problem to solve it!

  • I stay up way past my bedtime, way too often.  Sleep is when our bodies heal themselves, and what keeps me from being a snarky witch all day.  I function terribly on less than a full night’s sleep, yet I continually find myself up an hour (or more) past when I meant to go to bed.
  • I slouch at my desk.  Especially when I am tired.  I know, I know it can lead to headaches and backaches and rounding of the shoulders and the list goes on.
  • I don’t always remove all my mascara before bed.  Which can lead to breakage, loss of lashes, and eye infections.  I always wash my face but that darn waterproof stuff is stubborn and when I am already late for bed I don’t always take the time I should removing it.
  • I eat wheat and dairy, even though I know it will make me sick.  It is just so yummy!  I have been better about this one as of late, but only cause I got really sick from pasta the last time I ate it.  Pain is a great teacher.
  • I listen to my music way too loud.  In my car or through my headphones, I know I should turn down the volume but I rarely do.  I like the little cocoon music gives, I just need to find a better way to block out the world without the risk of hearing loss.
  • I spend too much time on my phone.  Be it browsing social media, playing games, or texting I spend way too much time on the electronic leash.  It is rare I do not have it somewhere close by.  And yes, I do check my phone almost as soon as I turn off the alarm in the morning.

So saying you have a problem without posing a selection is just whining.  So here is my plan, and I need all y’all to help me stick to it!

  • I will start getting ready for bed at 9PM.  No matter what else I have going on.  There will always be stuff I meant to get to and don’t and I need to be OK with that.
  • If I catch myself, I fix it.  End of story. Oh and add in some stretches at the gym to combat the effects, just to be safe.
  • Even if it means buying pre-made makeup removing wipes, I will remove ALL my makeup, not just the easy stuff.
  • I am learning to make gluten free bread, after all that is what I cave for the most. This is one bad habit I just need to have a bit more self control to fix, there is no magic solution or easy way out.
  • Time to look into better headphones, ones that will dampen sound I don’t want to hear so I don’t have to cover it up with louder music.
  • Every day, I disconnect for at least half an hour.  Weekends, aim for an hour or more a day.  Meaning I don’t have my phone next to me at all, I don’t look at it, and I try and forget it exists.  If I have to, I set a timer to remind myself to not try and find/use my phone.

Now I know I am not going to be perfect (I say as I straighten my shoulders), but I say these are good goals to strive for!

Love and good intentions,



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